I've got a keen eye for visual and conceptual detail, and I derive great satisfaction from solving problems through great design and simple, elegant code.

Being strongly influenced by diversity in software, I spend a lot of my free time dabbling with tools and languages I think are neat. While Erlang and Haskell have been a couple of my more intriguing forays, I've spent time with Clojure, Scala, C, Objective-C, Actionscript, .NET, and Python, among others, and all in varying capacities.

When I'm not building digital things, I get myself into all sorts of interesting hobbies. A few of the usuals - cycling, backpacking, fly fishing, rock climbing - and a few of the not-so-usuals - blacksmithing, composite bike framebuilding, and bonsai growing. Oh - and I'll talk about coffee all night, just get me started.